Decorative Fabrications

We provide industry-leading solutions and perfect finishes for all types of decorative applications.

Decoratives is an interdisciplinary area of fabrication. A wide variety of materials like iron, steel, and aluminium can be used along with complementary rubber and plastic items. And many processes need to be applied to these materials such as machining, cutting, welding, surface treatment, coating, etc., in order to realise the best final product. Therefore, any provider trying to undertake decorative work needs multidisciplinary capabilities and expertise. Thanks to our long-time interdisciplinary infrastructure and experience, we can provide you with the best solutions including the decorative fabrications that can seem impossible to many of our competitors. We have the capability to form nearly all types of convex and concave shapes from steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. We can offer you solutions even for the most uncommon designs by determining the most optimal fabrication method while considering practicability, costs, quality, and time. Many of our international corporate clients have relied on our comprehensive fabrication capabilities to realise their eccentric designs.

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