Using cutting-edge software and with our expert team of engineers, we offer the very best 3D modeling and engineering services.

We provide you with world-class engineering services with an experienced and skilled team of detailers and engineers. Using SOLIDWORKS, Tekla, and AutoCAD, we turn your sketches, drafts or architectural drawings into detailed 3D models. This 3D Computer-Aided Design (3D CAD) of items to be fabricated will be based on the models, measurements or 2D drawings you provide to us. After getting your approval of the 3D drawings, we create shop drawings of the separate parts to be processed before proceeding to actual fabrication. If we were to receive a whole 3D model from you in certain formats such as SOLIDWORKS and Tekla Structures, we can prepare shop drawings in AutoCAD format ourselves. The reason we prefer to form the final item virtually in 3D before proceeding to fabrication is to ensure that you always get that perfect finished product.

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